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Add a devotional scripture for the up-coming Bahá’í Feast

  • Hey Jr. Youth. If you haven't done so, please add a nice devotional scripture selection from the Bahai holy writings so we can include it in our next Bahai Feast. This will be our service project this month.

The Youth Groups of Tennessee afford opportunities for the youth in our community from every religious and ethnic background to walk together on a path of service by learning skills in the arts and in crafts, in public speaking, in consultation and in critical thinking. This site is provided to serve Youth Groups in and around Brentwood Tennessee but hopes to expand it's reach to serve the needs and facilitate the growth of Youth Groups and their communities in other areas.

The Youth Groups are involved in fellowship, devotion, and service and are devoted to studying spiritual principles and learning about and practicing virtues in a multi-faith environment in order to lead in a positive and healing way in the communities in which they live.

They are divided into groups of age 10 to 14 called the Jr. Youth Groups; and of age 15 and up called Youth Groups. The youth groups serve as "animators" for the Jr. Youth Groups and the Jr. youth groups in tern learn some of the skills involved in caring for young children. This provides for a rich ecosystem of learning and development, and of service to community life within a context which is global in it's perspective. As such the youth are learning how to become good community custodians and also peaceable and loving world-citizens with strong communication and critical thinking skills and with an attention attuned to the life of the spirit.

Here are some inspirational videos related to the principles we teach.

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